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Getting the right messages to the right people in the right way at the right time






Strategic communications

Good communications need to be planned. They need to support your organisation’s mission and its aims and objectives. They should support your culture and promote your business and service.

Good communications are carefully targeted. They have clear messages, defined audiences and  effective ways of getting those messages across.

Good communications are absolutely vital to every organisation - whether it is keeping staff informed and motivated, customers aware of new products or stakeholders up to date on important issues.

Awareness of your organisation, its image, its profile and its reputation all rely on good communications

I can work with you to develop your communications strategy  to make sure you are getting the most out of all your communications from internal briefings to media relations, crisis management to publications.

A good strategy is at the heart of good communications.


Campaign planning and management

You only have one chance to make a good first impression! If you are about to launch a new service, initiative or product, it is vital you get the communications and promotion right.

Having won four national awards for imaginative and effective campaigns, I can work with you to devise, and manage campaigns which will hit the spot.


Crisis planning and management

The first time many organisations realise they do not have an effective crisis plan is when a crisis occurs.

With almost 20 years experience in crisis handling,  I will work with you to devise a crisis management plan which will include action plans, contact sheets, media  coaching, media handling advice, message development, staff, client and stakeholder communication, resources needed, staffing and evaluation.


Major incident  communications planning and management.

When something goes wrong, good communications are a priority. What do you tell people, who do you tell, who tells them, how do they tell them, how do you limit damage to your organisation and its reputation?

As with crisis planning, I have many years experience in dealing with major incidents from serious accidents to untoward deaths. I will work with you to plan for the worst so if it does happen you are prepared.


Event planning and management

Planning and running an event is a bit like genius -  one tenth inspiration and nine tenths perspiration.  Having organised many events from national conferences to international media launches I can guide you through the minefield of staging an event. Having a specialist on hand to help out with the organisation and planning could save a lot of time, trouble and even money.


Publications management

I can take a brief for any publication and oversee the whole process from writing, photography  and graphics to design, print and delivery.


Internal communications consultancy

Internal communications are the Cinderella of the communications world – yet they are hugely important.  For most organisations their staff ARE their organisation.  It is essential  they are properly informed if they are to be motivated,  effective and content.

With many years experience in devising and driving internal communications, I can help you make sure you reach your staff and very importantly – enable them to reach you.


Media coaching

Standing in front of a TV camera or microphone is a stressful business. What will they ask you? What do you say? What should you NOT say?

As  former journalist , media relations specialist and media trainer,  I  will provide 1-1 media coaching for spokespeople to ensure they get the most from any media interview whilst teaching techniques to handle difficult questions, tips on how to prepare effectively and even hints on how to stand, where to look and what to do with your hands!


Reputation management/development

You want to be known for your professionalism, quality, customer care, reliability, and a host of other attributes but to do that you have to convince your target audiences you have those qualities.

Reputations take time to develop but they can be lost in seconds.  

Let me help you to create, maintain and protect the reputation you want.


Web site review

Your web site is your shop window and often the first port of call for people who want to know more about your business or organisation. It is vital that your web site creates a good impression,  does not let you down by being badly written, badly designed,  hard to navigate, difficult to understand, full of typographical errors, out of date or simply wrong.

With years of experience in editing and web site development, I can review your site (and intranet/extranet) and check for user friendliness, effectiveness of design and content and eliminate any embarrassing mistakes.








The Communications Healthcheck is a thorough examination of all your key areas of communication.

The aim is to assess whether you are getting the most from your communications in terms of effectiveness and cost effectiveness.

The Healthcheck analyses everything from web site style  and content through to staff newsletters, media relations and corporate identity, to discover whether you are getting the right messages to the right people in the right way at the right time.

Basically it is a check on whether your communications are working.

The process involves an initial interview with an appointed Healthcheck lead from your organisation,  most likely your head of communications or marketing or possibly your chief executive.

After gathering all the key information, I will then study the information gathered which will inform further interviews with key staff.

Then, I will run a series of workshops where staff are asked for views and comments on internal communications. This process is totally confidential. 

With permission, I will then interview selected clients/stakeholders for their views on their communication with your organisation.

I will then produce an in- depth report on the strengths and weaknesses of communications within your organisation with suggestions on how to move forward.

It is a collaborative process between CBC and the client organisation. The more the client organisation is involved in the process, the more effective the outcome will be.

All information gained will remain totally confidential.

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